Wasa Konditori

Welcome to Wasa konditori!

You find Wasa konditori in the heart of the old market hall. We offer coffee with sweet or savoury pastries as well as take away.

We have a pastry chef, but we also sell products from Andreas Knip, Aroma, Gunilla Norrlin as well as Malax-limpan, Finnish Superberries chokeberry products and Sjöbergs’ gingerbreads. You can order their products through us.

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These products you can usually find in our counter, but we’re also happy to make them on demand for your special event.


Carrot cake

Lactose free, contains no nuts or almonds.

Price per piece 4 €,

8-person cake 30 €.

Lingonberry cheesecake

Lactose free, gluten free almond bottom.

6-person 27 €, 8-person

35 €, 10-person 44,50 €.

Passion fruit cheesecake

Lactose free, gluten free hazelnut bottom.

6-person 27 €, 8-person

35 €, 10-person 44,50 €.

Mintchocolate moussecake

Lactose free, gluten free bottom with almond or hazelnuts.

6-person 26 €, 8-person

33 €, 10-person 40,50 €.

Chokeberry cheesecake

Lactose free and gluten free.

6-person 28 €, 8-person 36 €, 10-person 45 €.


Lactose free (except the white chocolate). Is available as chocolate mousse cake with blackcurrants, or strawberry moussecake with passion fruit curd.

8-person 33 €.


Lactose free and gluten free.

6-person 25 €

Vegan chocolate cake

gluten free, vegan.

6-person 25 €,

8-person 30 €.


Sweet bites

200 gram packaging 5,95 €.

Raspberry jelly cookies

200 gram packaging 5,95 €.

Bitter almond cookies

200 gram packaging 5,95 €.

Cocoa dreams

200 gram packaging 5,95 €.


Shrimp sandwich

Made on whole grain bread from Andreas Knip. 7,50 € per piece.

Shrimp or smoked turkey cheesecake

Bottom of Malaxlimpa.

12-person 45 €, 15-person 55 €.

Savoury pies

The filling is selectable when ordering.

Small portion 5,50 €, larger for about 6 people 24 € in aluminum foil mold. Are also available as gluten free (7€/26€) or vegan.

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Our pastry chef Jaana loves creating special cakes!

She’s quite the artist and can make almost any cake you can wish for. These are pictures of some of her cakes.

The price depends on several factors, that’s why it’s easiest if you come and show us what you were thinking and we can make you an offer.

Art on display

We welcome artists to show their pieces in our café! Here are some pictures from previous shows. If you are interested in showing your art at our place, please drop by or contact us!

Susanne Broända

Katharina Sjöberg

Sanna Aaltonen

Ingrid Biese

Martina Uthardt

Our suppliers

Andreas Knip

Andreas Knips hembageri is a local bakery. Andreas founded Wasa konditori in the early 2000’s but is no longer the owner.

Website (in Swedish)


Aroma is a local bakery well known and prize-winning in particular for their sourdough breads.


Gunilla Norrlin Chocolates

Gunilla makes the most famous french chocolate cake in Ostrobothnia, and she also makes lovely little pieces of chocolate praline art.


Finnish Superberries

Finnish Superberries are the biggest producers of the healthy chokeberry products in Finland, and we carry their chokeberry juice and powder.


Vasaesplanaden 18

Phone 050 5943034

Open weekdays 9.00 - 17.00, Saturdays 10.00 - 15.00, closed on Sundays